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A consolidation loan is a combination of all current bank liabilities – consumer loans, investment loans, mortgage loans, overdraft limits, credit cards, payday loans and non-bank loans into one bank loan. Consolidation of liabilities will allow us to regain our financial liquidity thanks to a lower monthly installment with the loan spread over the maximum repayment period with the possibility of early repayment at no additional cost.

Click here to find payday loan help today

A payday loan consolidation at can be used by anyone who needs payday loan help. It is possible to take a payday loan consolidation with the option of selecting additional cash for any purpose. 

The consolidation loan may also be used by foreigners residing in Poland and with a stable income. Before applying for a consolidation loan, it’s a good idea to check your financial standing and possibly improve your credit standing to increase your chances of getting a loan. A large number of credit cards and high limits on y / y often make it impossible to obtain a consolidation loan, it is worth giving up before.

Required documents for a consolidation loan

When applying for consolidation loans, we must have a valid ID, ID card or passport. We must have a source of income to get a consolidation loan. The income accepted by the Banks is an indefinite employment contract, fixed-term employment contract, indefinite mandate contract, term commission contract, contract for specific work, retirement, disability pension, business income, income from abroad. In addition to consolidated loans, we must provide agreement and account numbers so that the Bank knows to which account it should transfer the funds.

Transfer of funds to repay liabilities from a consolidation loan

Transfer of funds to repay liabilities from a consolidation loan

After launching the consolidation loan, the Bank will transfer the required amounts visible in Bik to repay the consolidated loans on our behalf. After a few days, it is always worth calling the bank where we consolidated the commitment and find out if the loans were completely closed, sometimes it happens that the amount to be repaid may slightly differ from Bik and the underpayment or overpayment of the loan may occur and the liability will not close automatically. If we applied for additional cash for the consolidation loan, the money will be transferred to the account number indicated by us, or it is possible to withdraw money at the branch or at the post office by the giro check. Remember that a bank transfer is a safe form.

Advantages of a consolidation loan

  • one lower loan installment by up to 40%
  • loan interest rate from 4.9%
  • partial reimbursement of incurred costs from loans, payday loans and loans outside of the bank for early repayment
  • maximum loan period up to 144 months
  • initial decision up to 30 minutes by phone
  • signing a loan agreement in a convenient place for the client
  • regaining financial liquidity (ordered home budget)
  • minimum formalities
  • saving time

Consolidation loan why should you use it?

Our advisers always care about choosing the best loans. With our help, getting a consolidation loan will be a simple and effective process. A consolidation loan is primarily one lower monthly installment. For people who have problems with the repayment of current liabilities, there is the possibility of extending the repayment period, which in turn will translate into a convenient installment that can be easily repaid. When choosing a consolidation loan, you choose convenience and flexibility.

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